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What’s On The Top Of Your Car?

I should have become a “what-fell-off-the-roof-of-your-car” picker-upper. 

Yesterday on Facebook, I asked this question:

What have you left on the top of your car and driven off? Come on…fess up!

Apparently, if I had made a career of retrieving articles that had fallen off the roof of peoples’ cars  when they forgot and drove off, I could have retired comfortably at 3o with the money I would have made.

You know the deal – your hands are full and you need to get into your car, so you set something one the roof. You open your door, put everything inside, hop in and you are on your way. Sometimes you remember right away and sometimes, you learn the hard way.

Well, I knew I was on to something when the first couple of responses came back within the first couple of minutes.

A full tray of freshly smoked salmon that my father-in-law caught in BC, brought home and smoked with his own backyard smoker. HUGE loss! And we were too embarrassed to fess up. When he called to ask ‘how it was’ we said ‘just as good as last time, when are you going again?’. Uggghhhhh!

A purse. On the highway. Someone saw, picked up what they could recover and used some ID to contact me and return the items, in all their road-rash glory!

And the answers kept coming! People responded a-plenty on FB. They emailed me with their embarrassing confessions. They called me to tell funny stories and one woman even wanted to come for tea and talk about what she considered to be a real problem because she’s lost so many personal items this way!

Here are some of the things people have left on the roof of their cars:

birthday cake

diaper bag


sheet music

my boots

a bunch of parsley



my dad’s hymn book


two pizzas

my husband’s kobo


a bible

car keys

box of donuts

a plate full of Thanksgiving dinner for a friend.

Owl scentsy wax burner.

fishing pole



Chicken dinner from Swiss Chalet

gas cap

Two dozen turtles. No, not live turtles- caramel pecan type turtles.

credit card

jug of orange juice

Daytimer calendar.



Slurpees. About a dozen times.

I don’t put things on the roof of the car, ever. Problem solved. Don’t want to scratch the clear coat. (I have a lot of problems but this isn’t one of them.)

Most popular item left on the roof of cars?  It’s a close race between coffees and phones . . . but coffee wins.

And the most bizarre item left on the roof of a car?

I can add my son to the list. (Overflowed sewer, couldn’t set his carseat on the pavement to get the door open, so I put it in the center of the roof of the car. And…well…you can guess the rest. Had the car started and everything, but remembered before I drove off.)

By the way, that wasn’t me who forgot my son on the top of the car. (Although years ago, I did forget him outside of our house once when I was bringing groceries in.)

Apparently, this experience is very popular! What about you?  What have you left on the top of your car??




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