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What’s On Your Refrigerator Door?

Have you ever noticed that refrigerator doors say a lot about the people who own them?  I think your refrigerator door communicates what’s important to you.  People put up photographs and motivational quotes, creative magnets and family schedules, sale items and scripture verses, newsletters and their children’s art. In my travellings, I seldom see refrigerators that have nothing on them…and perhaps that sends a message too.

This is what my refrigerator door looks like.

The Life is Good magnet sets my mind for the day.  The frog reminds me to pray for my family. (My grandson, Phoenix, has a frog collection that Chris and I add onto every birthday and Christmas so this little, shiny frog triggers me to pray for him and for other family members as I dilly-dally around the kitchen.) The Simplify sign is small but it speaks volumes.

SIMPLIFY. What a great concept. What a challenging goal. That’s what I want to do with my life. I want less stuff, less noise, less busyness. I want less breadth and more depth. It’s important to me – hence, the sign on my refrigerator door.

A friend of mine recently sent me a wonderful quote of this topic. I’ve been thinking about it all week…but I’ve pursued simplicity a lot longer than that.

The essence of simplicity is not in renunciation, but in discrimination. It requires learning to distinguish between the necessary and superfluous, between the useful and wasteful, beautiful and vulgar…Simplicity requires an individual commitment…rather than a particular standard of living. It preaches contentment and self-control and promises spontaneity and freedom.”  David E. Shi

My friend reminded me that it’s not about “having stuff but about stuff having you.”  

All I know is that I’m pretty committed to a simple application of this content with less mindset. In our home, when something comes in, something goes out. We strategically renovated our home so that there is very limited storage space and we regularly chuck or give away stuff that we have neither used or worn in the past year. It is jaw-dropping incredible to me how easy it is to accumulate stuff and the amount seems to grow proportionally to the available storage space.

So, we fixed that.

…give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread.  Proverbs 30.8b NIV

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  1. Anne

    Uh oh, can hardly find my door at all – photos of family, family, family.

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