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What’s Real?

The last couple of days, I’ve been thinking and writing about authenticity – something that’s tough to find in this world.  So, it was rather ironic that I met a ten-year old girl in the check out line at Sobeys this afternoon who was more than willing to give her strong and unsolicited comments on the topic.

It was late afternoon, the line up was long and I grabbed a magazine about the Academy Awards fashions.  I was flipping through the pages and this little girl tugged at my sweater to get my attention.

” My mommy says those people aren’t real.”

“Oh” is all I could think to say back to her.

“My mommy says that all those movie people are fake and unhappy.”

By this point, I was quite intrigued with this articulate opinion-giver and I asked her where her mom was.

“Oh, she’s getting some make up.”

I had to laugh.

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  1. Leigh

    Hahahahahaha! out of the mouths of babes! you totally crack me up~

  2. Karen Perrott


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