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What’s So Funny?

Our twelve-year-old grandson is fascinated with humour these days so I decided to send him a video of Tim Hawkins’ “Yoga Pants” because I thought it was so funny.

Phoenie emailed me back and politely told me, “Nana, I didn’t think that video was funny at all. I’m going to send you something that’s REALLY funny.”

I emailed Phoenie back and wrote, “Interesting, isn’t it? I didn’t really find your video funny at all.”

A conversation about “what makes something funny” began. Phoenie and I agreed that humour has to be relevant to your age group because you need a connection with the joke or comic. Phoenie didn’t understand anything about yoga pants and I didn’t know Thomas Sanders, who is in the video about Santa Claus. We agreed that funny videos of animals works with all generations because animals are entertaining to everyone – that’s why animal videos are so popular these days.

Phoenie was determined to find something that both of us like so he sent me the following:

 “So, here’s something, Nana. Do you find these funny?”
Inline images 1Inline images 2

I quickly replied, “Yes, Phoenie…I find both of these comics funny.”

Phoenie has a great sense of humour. He makes Chris and I laugh a lot and apparently, he does the same at school. I asked him why he likes being funny and this was his response:

“I like being funny because it’s fun. I like making people feel good. I like it when people laugh at my jokes. They don’t laugh at me – they laugh with me. I think I’m learning to be funny because my Papak is always telling jokes and he’s really funny. I think I’m going to improve as I get older.  Mom gets mad when I try out derogatory humour on her so I guess I’m learning by trial and error.”

Live and learn, Phoenie….live and learn!

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