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Hi! It’s Phoenix again. Time to blog about a new experience.

(By the way, I drew this card (featured image) for Papak and Nana. They really like my homemade cards.)

This is me practising for my big adventure this afternoon. Can you guess what I’ll be doing?

Did you guess the right answer?

I went indoor skydiving! And Papak and Nana dared me to wear these goggles!

When Nana asked me what it felt like, my first description was, “It felt like I just finished a dentist appointment because my mouth was so dry – it felt like a fluoride rinse” but I know that’s not really descriptive so let me start at the beginning.

First I had to watch a training video. I learned the right position for my body and some signs that my instructor would show me in the chamber. After the video, I had to suit up in a jumpsuit – kinda’ like a onesie that my baby sister wears.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to wear my classic Cirque de Soleil goggles that Nana and Papak bought me when we went to one of their shows but I did manage to wear them all through the training video. I think everyone thought I was weird and I wanted to say, “Im not weird – my grandparents made me do it” but I didn’t get the chance.

The first try, everything felt awkward. I needed a bit of help to get the feeling of this.

It kinda’ felt like water was going up my nose and that didn’t feel so good but by the third try, it was feeling really good.  I wasn’t scared at all. The third try was the best because I was flying mostly on my own. I was told to put my arms up and fall forward out of the door so the instructor and the wind would catch me….and that’s exactly what happened.

It’s hard to describe what the flying felt like. You’re kind of floating in air but you have to stay in a certain position or you lose control. It was really fun and I loved it.

Thanks, Nana and Papak for this awesome Christmas present!

Talking about Christmas, it was great. And we actually had a white Christmas which hasn’t happened for a long time AND…I didn’t eat all the shortbread this year. (But I still ate a lot.) Now I’m heading to Beaverton to hang out with Papak and Nana for a couple of days and I always love that time.

I think I’m going to try snow shoeing this week and we’re planning on making an AWESOME snow fort on the water front! Nana and Papak get really big snow drifts off the lake when it’s really windy so there’s lots of snow. We’re going to try making gopher holes that connect all over the lawn.

Now I’m going to play remote cars with a friend of mine.

These are good days.

Hope you have a great New Years Eve! And a happy 2018!

Phoenix Slobodian


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  1. Kathy

    Wow! What a fabulous gift!
    I love your openness and enthusiasm!
    Have a fun time at the Lake!

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