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Where Are Those Geese Going?

I had mapped out a challenging 40K ride, consumed a hearty breakfast of a smoothie and porridge, filled up the water bottles, completed my mandatory bike check, greased the chain, pumped up the tires, set the odometer, applied the sun screen and perched a new set of sunglasses on my nose. It was time to hit the road. I climbed onto my bike and maneuvered my way down the stony pathway, over the train tracks, past the cows and across a couple of country highways. Within fifteen minutes, I managed to find a delightful stretch of quiet road to conquer.  I was riding parallel to a canal so I was enjoying the luscious blues of the water and greens of the grass. The sun was beating down, the neighbourhood dogs were barking as I rode by and my cadence was strong.

I came around a corner and just ahead of me was a family of geese, leisurely crossing the road.


I quickly stopped my bike and dismounted. It was an opportune time for a water break.

I watched the sauntering geese in silence, admiring their confidence in holding up the local traffic. I was curious where they were heading so I decided to quietly follow them…well, as quietly as two clicking cleats can offer.  Mother Goose was leading the pack and I noticed there was one little gosling that was limping –  clearly having a difficult time keeping up with its brothers and sisters.  Daddy Goose was nudging him from behind, coaxing him to keep up with the rest of the family. Suddenly, the whole group took a sharp right and headed off the road. Mother Goose definitely had a specific destination.

I had to laugh because at exactly the place that the geese turned, this is what the mailbox said.


Now I get it! Those geese were going to the local goose clinic to have a goose nurse take a look at the straggling gosling’s injury….and considering the speed and determination of Mother Goose, she must have made an appointment for a specific time!

It was a humorous distraction from the hot day and the reality that I had a good chunk of bike riding to do before I got home! (and maybe a bit of heat stroke)

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  1. Karen Perrott

    I love this story!! Thanks or sharing this smile…

  2. Barb Smith

    So cute Diane. Thanks for the “Story”
    It’s sounds like a perfect story line for a hard book for 1 to 2 year olds for a Grandma to read at bedtime! Seriously!! :)) Just the perfect length and the pictures all set to go!

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