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Where’s My Phone?

My day started uneventfully. I jumped on my bike in anticipation of a much needed hour of silence. I thoroughly enjoyed the crisp fall air and a relaxed rhythm of pedalling.

On the way home, I decided to stop into the local grocery store and buy a couple of avocados for my lunch salad. I didn’t have a purse with me so I just held onto my money and phone.

I intended to go straight to the avocados but I got distracted from my mission by the lady with the kind eyes, standing behind the Food Bank display at the front entrance, so we talked a few minutes.  I told her that I would donate once I broke my $20.00 bill.

I headed to the pile of avocados but took a slight detour when I saw the really nice elderly man who works in the produce section. We always have a nice chat and yesterday was no different. To my great dismay, the avocados were really hard so I decided not to buy one. I took the long way to the exit door of the store, via the candy aisle and quickly concluded that chocolate raisins were an excellent addition to my lunch. I met a neighbour so we had a good old chin wag before heading our separate directions.

When I got to the cashier, I realized I no longer was holding my phone.

I remained calm and rational.

“Better retrace my steps.”  I was wearing my cycling cleats so I clicked very loudly as I went out the door and re-entered the store.

The food Bank lady confirmed that I had my phone when I went into the store. I reassured her that I would still donate once I found my phone. Check.

The nice man (come to think of it, he probably wasn’t any older than I am so I guess I shouldn’t call him “elderly”)  in the produce section was very helpful by stepping out of the store (no reception in the store) and calling my phone.  I stood near the avocados and heard nothing. Check.

I was getting a bit worried. Last place to look? The candy section . . . but alas, no phone near the chocolate raisins. Check.

I hadn’t noticed that the nice man from the produce section had followed me to the candy aisle and he continued to try and help. At one point, he suggested that I go to the reception area to see if anyone returned my missing phone.

When I got there, one of the cashiers was leaving a message on my missing item! She explained that a young man had had found my phone. “Where” you ask? Hidden under the pile of avocados, of course.

“I knew it!!”  Where else would I have put my phone?

I proceeded to retrace my steps once again to thank the lady with the kind eyes, the nice man and the helpful cashiers. I also bumped into my neighbour again and explained the whole story to her.

I remembered to donate to the Food Bank too.

This is one of the many reasons I love living in a small town. There are many honest people living around here, caring and watching out for each other.

And I’m so thankful for my community.

PS. My husband won’t know about the missing phone until he reads this blog post – I’m just wondering what he’s going to say!

For we are taking pains to do what is right, to only in the eyes of the Lord but also in the eyes of men. 2 Corinthians 8.21










  1. Diane, I’m so glad your story had a happy ending, because I sure enjoyed the journey there. 🙂 Now I’m curious what your husband said.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • Diane (Author)

      Hi Wendy, Chris has tried numerous times to post his response but it doesn’t seem to be working!

  2. Chris

    Haha! I laughed (nervously) through the whole story.

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