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Windy Monday

Chris and I were lullabied to sleep by the howling wind last night . . .

. . . and we were woken up with the sound of 50 km/hr wind slapping the waves against the shore.

The ice is beginning to form on the waterfront.


Winter is closing in on us.

The mittens and hats have been tucked into the front cupboard cubbies, the boot are lined up and the scarves are hanging on the coat rack.

Chris and I resorted to lying under an insulation layer on our bed last night and we actually shut the bedroom window  – THAT’S a first! We (well, “I”) love sleeping in a cool room, under all the cozy blankets but the wind was roaring and the room was ridiculously cold.

This morning marked “back to the gym” day for me because I had visions of me being lifted high in the air on my bicycle, if I had chosen to fight the wind and tried to pedal, wearing four layers of clothes, cycling booties, a balaclava and heavy gloves.

The winter solstice does not officially start until December 21st, 5:44 a.m. but us Canadians are well into “winter mind” this month.

My neighbours don’t like when I say this but I don’t just welcome the winter months, I love the force and the feel of winter wind.  Sitting on my back deck, wrapped in blankets with a hot cup of kombucha tea warming my hands and gusts of winds sweeping around me is an ideal way to spend a reflective thirty minutes.

A great wind is blowing and that gives you either imagination or a headache.     Catherine the Great


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