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Wrong Door

I remember this night oh, too well.

Chris and I attended a vows renewal ceremony a while back and at one point during the evening,  I had to use the washroom so I mentioned to Chris that I’d be right back. The washroom was quite magnificent and for a kinesthetic person, I couldn’t resist trying out the tantalizing display of creams, mouthwash, soaps and perfumes. Once that sensual experience was over, I headed to the stall, which wasn’t actually a stall but a separate little room that was completed isolated from the other stall-rooms. I locked the door behind me, did my business and when I tried to unlock the door, I couldn’t.

I was stuck in the bathroom – a bathroom that was a room in and of itself. I must have tried twenty times to unlock the door, without success. I sat on the toilet and humbly resorted to Plan B.

I texted Chris with this message:

Please ask Amy to come into the bathroom and get me out of here! I’m stuck in the bathroom stall!

I waited…another five minutes, hoping to be rescued. Unfortunately, Chris didn’t respond to the text. He was too busy talking with Amy.

Plan C – yell for help.

I felt so humiliated but decided to swallow my pride, since I didn’t have a Plan D.

I waited until I heard the click of high heels on the tile floor.

“Hello?  Hello? Can you hear me?

Silence. I think that woman ran for her life.

I waited a couple more minutes and finally, another high –  heeled woman walked into the bathroom.

“Hello?  Can you help me? I’m stuck in this bathroom stall thing!”

“Oh, yeah… you picked the wrong door.”

I had to smile – I felt like I had chosen the door with the pet donkey on The Price is Right.

“Last time I was in here, I went in that stall  – you gotta’ turn the latch really quickly and aggressively.”

How can a trip to the bathroom become this much of a challenge?

The woman continued to coach me on the intricate dealings of unlocking the door and after a minute of strategically turning the notch at a precise speed, I managed to escape.

It was nice to put a face to my rescuer’s voice. We shared a good laugh together and I’m sure she snickered her way through the story she told her husband when she returned to the festivities. No question – it’s a strange way to meet someone but well…maybe THIS is why women always go to the bathroom together – the one time I ventured out on my own and look what happened!!


  1. LOL

  2. Diane, you’re a great story teller. You had me in stitches. 🙂
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • Diane (Author)

      Well, it was a funny moment…I do seem to find myself in these places, don’t I? 🙂

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