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Yahoo – It’s Fall!

What a beautiful, Autumn, Monday morning.

I woke up to the buzz of the alarm and the sound of rolling waves. A cool breeze was wafting into the bedroom and I snuggled under the blankets for my morning acknowledgement of truth that “this is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.” I was serenely thanking God for a long list of little blessings as I slowly climbed out of bed but eventually, the cold bathroom floor jolted me into the moment. As Cat Stevens once wrote, “Morning has broken…”

The day got even better.

The sky was blue and the sun was shining bright. I could hear the buzz of a neighbour’s chainsaw and the cackle of geese. I shuffled down the stairs, grabbed a handful of peanuts, opened the front door and mechanically headed to the empty peanut wreath on our front lawn.  The bluejays didn’t seem to take offence to my housecoat-and-Chris’-oversized-Crocs-attire: they just wanted something to eat. Within a few seconds, a bluejay swooped in and claimed the wreath for his own. As I leaned down to pick up the pink bagged newspaper, I saw three other bluejays, lining up in the pot hole puddle on the road, waiting impatiently for the king bluejay to finish up his breakfast. There is definitely a pecking order in the bluejay kingdom –  as soon as Mr. Hotshot was finished, #2 in line was up and at ’em. The chickadees were nibbling at the last little morsels dotting the top floor of our funky bird hotel and suddenly, a morning dove flew in and landed on the antler of our newest front lawn bird haven. I ran in the house to get my camera but alas, I missed the shot.

There was a familiar looking squirrel sitting at the base of the bird feeder, looking for goodies that had dropped from above. I guess the finches have gone to wherever finches go on their holidays because unlike in September,  this finch feeder isn’t seeing much action these days.

Honestly, if I hadn’t celebrated a birthday in September, I couldn’t be convinced that September even existed – the month flew by. Over a great cup of tea, I peered at my calendar for confirmation and I was relieved in a way, that September was filled with writing goals, garden clean up days, early morning appointments, tutoring, tea with friends and Chris’s work related travelling days.

Now’s it’s October and there are pumpkin stands everywhere – another glorious sign of autumn.  Corn husks and rich colored gourds are decorating store windows.  People are getting their sweaters out of storage and going for long walks to enjoy the rich colored leaves.  Fall is so yummy.

As I thought about this beautiful season, I started to giggle about something that happened yesterday.

Chris and I met up with our daughter, as she was heading north, after a weekend of work. I told her that I had bought a special autumn gift for our grandson and when I opened then trunk of the car to show her my great “find”, she smiled. She asked me to put the gift in the front passenger seat because the rest of the car was packed with boxes.

Chris was concerned about safety so he “buckled up” the gift.

Mr. Pumpkin Head kept Dawne company all the way home.

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  1. leigh

    You are a precious Nana! I cannot stand the bluejays. They are mean birds, who attack other birds nests and i try to shoo them away. your birdstation is wonderful~ xo

    • Yah, I noticed that those bluejays can really be aggressive! Diane

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