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Yet ANOTHER Girl in the House (coming soon)

I had to laugh.

My daughter was leaning over my grandson last night to say, “Good Night” and his comment was, “Hey mom…you’ve got double chins on your knees.” 

Dawne was NOT impressed but she couldn’t help but snicker.

Yup. Phoenie is becoming a big brother. I thought this would be a good time to interview him about the big event.  After all, this little one is now officially overdue but seems to be in no hurry to come and join the rest of her family.

Here goes.

Diane: Well, Phoenie – looks like you’re heading into a new phase of your life – becoming a teenager AND having a baby sister. Thoughts on that?

Phoenie: Yikes! Really looking forward to be a teenager and this baby sister stuff??Well, this is going to be the third girl in this family. Honestly, I was hoping for a brother but I’m used to the idea of a sister now and I will mold her mind into whatever I want. Bwa..ha…ha..ha…

Diane: That sounds very sinister…or should I say, sisterster…

Phoenie: Oh boy. Really, Nana?

Diane: No, seriously, Phoenie. Are you excited about this?

Phoenie: I don’t really know how I feel because there’s a thirteen year age gap and that’s pretty big. Usually, the gap is two or three years.  I don’t think I’ll be playing dolls with her very often but I’m excited to meet her. I’ve been feeling this baby kicking in my mom’s belly for a long time. Mom told me that our dog Lola was lying on her belly and the baby gave a massive kick and nailed Lola in the face!

Diane: That’s funny. So, are you worried about anything to do with having a baby sister?

Phoenie: I was thinking that I will be driving at the same time that my baby sister will start school.

Diane: That’s great!  You will be driving your baby sister to school!

Phoenie: I’ll probably have to change a diaper and that is just horrific.

Diane: I bet this little one is going to LOVE her big brother.  You know, the girls will really like it that you have a cute baby sister.

Phoenie: That’s pretty horrific too!

Diane: Enjoy these last few days, Phoenie. Life as you once knew will soon be over.

Phoenie:  A-a-a-a-a-a–a-a-a-a-a!

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  1. Oh Phoenix! I KNOW you’ll love your brand new many sister when she decides to enter this world!
    You’ll be the brother she looks up to and depends on for support!
    She’ll melt your heart……

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