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You Gotta’ Make Time To Be Silly



Yup – that’s me…the one with her legs flailing in the air. If I’m going tubing, I gotta’ do it right – legs a flyin’, laughing and screaming – sharing this great moment with one of my favourite people in the world.  I’m surprised that I’m not stiff this morning because when I act like I’m twenty five years old, my body usually feels it “big time” for a couple of days. But most of the time, it’s worth it –  it just feels good to be silly – to be in touch with that child-like, spontaneous goofiness that periodically breaks through the responsible, adult behaviour.

I love the crazy moments but I find that as I get older, I need to prioritize making and appreciating these times because…well….life can feel pretty heavy.

Recently, a friend told me that she feels defeated about thirty minutes after she wakes up.

 Sometimes, I open my eyes in the morning and start thinking of all the unresolved, demanding, pressure-packed, disappointing, unfinished and just plain sad situations that I am going to run into during the day and honestly, I find it tough to scrape myself off the bed.”

I lovingly reassured her that she was a healthy woman, in touch with the state of this world and more importantly, with the state of her heart. There ARE a lot of things wrong in this world..and with us.

Stuart McAllister says it well.

“We all need heart surgery!  We all know (in our deepest thoughts), that there are things in life and within us, over which we have little or no power, and for which we have little or no comprehension.  The great physician, as our Creator and redeemer, specializes in the heart business.  Broken hearts, angry hearts, selfish hearts, greedy hearts, and all kinds of hearts, can find an answer in Christ.  All he asks is that we come to him and turn from our self-defined ways.  Thankfully, the power to change rests in the hands of one whose power and goal it is to change us.”  

The problem is that many people settle for momentary relief, instead of going to Him for eternal peace.

I see the world differently because I belong to Christ.  I am very aware of and continue to experience the heaviness of life but I know that laughter is good medicine…so I want to make time to be silly. I want to laugh at my grandson’s jokes, hang around funny people, try new things, laugh at the crazy predicaments I find myself in at times, tell good stories and…bounce behind a boat!

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  1. Linda

    Oh my word. Is that us? Is that me? Yes, that is me. Oh my word.

    • leigh

      LOVE this! such JOY~

  2. Chris#2

    Typical pose…would recognize those legs and foot position anywhere…
    Didn’t get the position documented in the mud when we fell…or when you made me fall….yellow raincoat and all!

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